Being Superman in Christ!

Paul of Tarsus

In Christ you can be Superman! You can earn a 200% bonus! You can live in the little house on the prairie!

Why? Well because you can ‘do all things through Christ who strengthens’ you! (Phil 4:13.)

But is this a promise made to us in every situation? Or is it situation specific?

In this post Jonathan Merritt puts one of Paul’s most quoted verses in its rightful context and suggests a rather different interpretation. Read the post for yourself – it’s well worth the effort; especially if you’re struggling with life today.

Here’s a quote to whet your appetite:

Paul isn’t telling Christians that they should dream bigger dreams; he is reminding them that they can endure the crushing feeling of defeat if those dreams aren’t realized. He’s not encouraging Christians to go out and conquer the world; he’s reminding them that they can press on when the world conquers them.

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3 thoughts on “Being Superman in Christ!”

  1. I must admit, I get a little angry when I see passages like this taken out of context. I note a lot of the churches I pass each day and try to see what they’re about. One had the following about their leadership team:

    “[Our pastor] is an acclaimed teacher, prophet, author and investor…[He] is passionate about the community, the spread of the gospel and the financial prosperity of his flock. He preaches and practices the principles of hardwork, and goal getting.”

    It makes me doubt if we understand the same thing by the word “gospel”.

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